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About Company

We help small businesses with big hearts increase their ROI.

Our Mission

Take your business to the next level with our one-of-a-kind email marketing services.

Our story begins when our CEO created an email marketing campaign platform to meet the needs of small business owners that struggled to establish proper authority on their websites, recognizing the challenges and difficulties that come with starting a business from the bottom up.

What Inspired Zagomail

ZagoMail is an email marketing and automation platform that was launched in 2019 with the purpose of making your business journey easier by providing email marketing and automation services that aid you in promoting your brand to many clients from all over the world.

Understanding the hardships of small business owners, we aimed to create an all in one software that provides email marketing services for beginning entrepreneurs and veteran business owners. By providing these services, we ensure to help build and grow multiple brand identities that have an incredible potential on becoming the next big thing on the market.

Our platform provides tools like A/B testing, segmentation, drop-in editors, landing page creating tools, and much more. We think that each business owner should have full control over the total traffic of their business, which is also why we provide analytical tools that’ll help you review the process of your company on a detail-oriented level. Additionally, we make sure that our platform assists you in increasing your ROI, which will make your business gain more profit.

Our main purpose is to assist eCommerce store owners in building and enhancing their brands to their full potential by providing them with email marketing strategies that are personalized to fill their needs while assisting them in meeting their marketing goals. This is why we take pride in providing full-time customer support to guarantee that each entrepreneur has the opportunity of getting an enriching experience receiving the answers to their most necessary questions.

Helping young entrepreneurs in their pathway to success is the main inspiration that drives our company, and we delight in being part of each milestone that each brand fulfills by using our platform. This is why we worked on creating a software that offers a user-friendly experience to ease the worry of future business owners who are recently learning how to grow in the market.

We understand how intimidating the marketing world can be, but you don’t need to harbor fear when working with us. You can trust us to give you a rich marketing experience by helping you use the number one software that has already helped more than a thousand brands globally.
You won’t have to suffer the uncertainty of not knowing how to manage your business. As you use our services, you’ll be able to gain new knowledge that’ll help you step up your success.

ZagoMail is the tool that will help you take your business to the next level. Don’t hesitate on letting us be a part of your entrepreneurial journey. We’d love to help you become the best entrepreneur out there.

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