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Become a Zagomail Affiliate

Promote Zagomail and earn 30% for every customer you refer!

Create a passive income stream

You will be paid for signing up new customers every month. Payments are processed through PayPal or bank transfer.

1. Sign up

Joining our affiliate program is totally free, sign up now and start .

2. Refer customers

Get your referral link and share it with your audience.

3. Get paid

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How much can you earn?

How many customers you refer?


Your Monthly Commission

*Commissions reported above for the most popular plan


Monthly recurring income

Just sign up to get your unique referral link and start earning. We pay 30% monthly recurring commission


Sales commissions

Track your commissions from your affiliate dahboard. You will get access to our promo materials as well.



Your monthly commissions will be sent to your paypal or bank account.

Let's partner up

Affiliates are our partners, and we want them to make money. Our affiliates are earning thousands per month.

How much will I earn?

You will be paid 30% monthly recurring revenue for every purchase you refer. 

How and when will I get paid?

You are eligible to get a commission at least 50 days after the referred customer converted from a trial to a paid account and when the total amount owing is equal to or greater than USD 50.

What is the lifespan of the referral cookie?

We provide our affiliates with a 60-day cookie duration. However, if a referral has created an account within that time but triggers a sale after those 60 days, you will still be eligible for a commission.

Do I need to be a Zagomail customer to be an affiliate?

You don’t need to be a Zagomail customer to become our affiliate. We welcome all affiliates.

Can I advertise using my referral link?

You may not use your affiliate link in any paid media. This includes search engine ads, Facebook ads, or anything similar that would compete with Zagomail’s marketing and cause confusion for potential customers.

Is there an agreement to sign?

There is no agreement. You may quit the program anytime. But by signing up for the Zagomail Affiliate Program, you indicate that you agree with its Affiliate program terms.

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