All forms of marketing, including email, have the highest and most measurable ROI (return on investment).

There are, however, some emails that yield better results than others. So, how can you figure out which email marketing initiatives have the best return on investment?

All marketing studies revealed that Email marketing has the highest ROI compared to other marketing channels.

For every $1 spent you earn $42 PROVEN

The key is to be aware of current events and to follow them. The easiest method to boost your email marketing ROI is to consult email marketing statistics and discover what trends are effective before incorporating them into your own email marketing strategy.

Personalize the message to boost email marketing ROI

Businesses must establish a robust email list to spread the word far and wide in order to make email marketing effective and generate a greater ROI.

Fortunately, there are a variety of methods for doing so, like using low-tech sign-up cards or using point-of-purchase reminders that direct customers to sign up online. Both methods are extremely effective at persuading clients to provide information. Learn how to ask for someone’s email address in more detail.

The most useful lists are ones that provide as much information as possible about each consumer. Not only are names and email addresses covered, but also the next stages, such as birthdays and significant anniversaries, preferred things, and even beloved sports teams. Smart business owners plan unique activities around major sporting events to attract like-minded clients.

It’s also a good idea to learn what your customers expect from your email marketing efforts. Do they want to be informed about your company’s news, promotions, special events, and clubs? Instead of sending out a generic email, the operator can use this information to better tailor promotions to email users who desire them.

Improve the return on investment (ROI) of email marketing: Find a happy medium between central and local email marketing.

You know your brand as a small business owner. Your owners are the most knowledgeable about your clients. If you’re a franchise with numerous locations, you’ll need to select which communications should be sent from your email marketing platform and which should be sent locally.

This means that the proper traffic is being sent to your sites, that customers are receiving location-specific information, and that new customer email addresses are being collected.

Your locations or franchisees, as business owners, struggle to find the time and money to market, particularly as a startup, working day and night to keep the doors open and pay the bills. They shouldn’t have to invent the wheel in order to sell themselves. With the greatest email campaign ideas, you can maintain your brand and speak with one voice.

Look for a marketing platform that includes the following features:

Easy self-service local marketing for franchisees

Because franchisers are rarely qualified to provide individual marketing for each site, they must provide an intuitive, self-service marketing solution to hundreds of franchisees, especially first-time marketers. This enables them to market locally while maintaining a strong brand identity, analyze their outcomes, and improve their marketing over time.

Control of the brand

Choose a system that allows you to generate templates for any marketing activity your owners undertake, such as birthday mailings, new item announcements, events, or offers. Ensure that branded areas can be locked down while franchisees can customize sections for local information.

The expansion of your email list

Sign-up options for Facebook pages and websites, as well as signage or receipts that allow mobile texting or scanning to join can help you grow your email lists and sales.

Portal for administration

An easy-to-use dashboard should allow your company or franchise to track achievement at both the local and network levels.


Anyone in your network should be able to get skilled technical and marketing support immediately from your email marketing platform.